July Employee Of The Month – Ashlyn

Congratulations to Ashlyn, our Employee of the Month for July!

Ashlyn is a great employee! She is a Dental Assistant / Patient Coordinator and we love how easy she is to work with as well as how approachable she is to others when they have questions.

Ashlyn has been working at Klein for three years and she is passionate about helping others and making them feel happy. She loves when people check out and have a smile on their face, especially after getting their braces off. Ashlyn is great at dealing with the public as her smile can somewhat be contagious.

Ashlyn can relate her work with her patients as she has had 7 teeth extracted, as well as her wisdom teeth out, and had braces. She is very neat and always has what people need. This is why we are very happy to name her Employee of the Month!

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