Emergency Dental Care Offered Evenings, Weekends, & Even Holidays

You can’t predict when you’re going to have a dental emergency, so it’s comforting to know there’s an option nearby if you need help outside of normal business hours. Our staff knows how upsetting and painful it can be to need a dentist’s help, so we do our best to be available for you when you need us most. We can’t perform a general diagnosis over the phone and we recommend that dental emergencies be dealt with right away if possible, so we’re happy to offer the following (and more) as part of our dental emergency services:

  • Temporary tooth repair
  • Root canals
  • Urgent filling repair/replacement
  • Emergency tooth extraction

24 Hour Emergency Dentists in Dillsburg

Emergency Dental
Clinic Cost

Emergency dental visits will incur a $100 fee for the service. If you’d prefer to avoid any additional cost, we give you the choice to wait until the next business day. Our office staff will work hard to get you placed into the schedule in an effort to reduce the amount of time you’re in pain as much as possible.

We participate with most major dental insurance plans and the
services performed after hours are covered just the same as the
service performed during regular hours, with the exception of the emergency fee. 

Severe Dental Pain

What To Do If You Need Urgent Dental Help

  1. Remain calm! This can help to mitigate pain and make it easier to plan your next steps.
  2. Call our afterhours dental emergency line Dillsburg 717-432-9762 or Lewisberry 717-938-1415 
  3. Leave a voicemail in the emergency mailbox generally describing your issue. Your emergency voicemail is sent directly to our Office Managers who respond, typically within the hour. Be sure to leave them your full contact info.
  4. We’ll help qualify your problem and offer you the choice as to whether you should be seen immediately or if this would be better handled during the next business day.
  5. Then we’ll confirm with our emergency dentist and the on-call dental assistant and let you know when to meet us at our Dillsburg office! We typically handle all emergency dental treatments at this location, but these services are available whether you are a patient at either office.